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  • Removes Toxin and Mineral Waste
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Hot Yoga & Power Core

In this class we will begin with Yoga and then switch to various styles of fitness in order to target the core. The perfect mix if you want to build a fabulously strong and sculpted core while getting your flow on.

Hot Yoga Freedom Flow 1/2/3

Freedom flow is a fun and dynamic 60-minute routine that gradually works its way into a flowing sequence, linking various yoga poses together. You will work through balances, stretches, and strength poses while connecting to your breath. You will finish feeling energized, calm and ready to face your world. This class is open for all levels with flows that help you to connect and tap into your inner strength. Please arrive to class 10 minutes early and don’t forget your mat, towel, and plenty of water!

Warm Yang & Yin Yoga

With this powerful combination of the masculine and feminine you will get the perfect balance between strengthening and stretching. The first half of the class is full of strong Yang postures, finishing with calming and lengthening Yin postures. If you are looking for a balancing class, with a little bit of everything, this is your class.


Latin inspired dance-style fitness class. Come burn calories while having fun and there is no need for previous dance experience! This class is not heated.

BootCamp Meet Fusion

A dynamic class filled with strength training and cardio. Your body will benefit from a challenging variety of exercises that will tone and shape your “summer” body. This class is not heated but it is still very warm. Get ready to kick your bootcamp up a notch!! (1 hour)

Hot Yoga Rise & Shine For a Great Day

Begin your day by centering your mind and body. Join us for our morning yoga flow and start your day off smiling. Mix sun salutations, balance poses, standing poses with strengthening poses and deep stretches. Early morning yoga is a great way to center yourself, listen to your body and set an intention. Focus on how you are feeling and then respond. Typically we are stiffer in the morning and so an early morning practice teaches us the most about our bodies.

Hot Fast & Furious Level 1/2/3

This 60-minute class is an intense blend of cardio and strength-training routines that take elements from many fitness styles. This class may include light weights and other equipment and is open to all levels and abilities. Please arrive to class 10 minutes early and don’t forget your mat, towel, and plenty of water!

Warm Total Body Conditioning

This class will train your entire body, from head to toe, using interval training. Alternating from strength training, into cardio, and then back to strength training, You will never get bored in this constantly moving and challenging class!

CandleLight Hot Yoga Deep Stretch and Relaxation level 1/2/3

Enjoy a 60-minute class in a candlelight room with poses that help relieve the effects of chronic stress in several ways. This sequence is designed to release tension through deep stretch postures and relaxing sequences. You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. This class is open for all levels and abilities but is also a great first introduction to the studio. Please arrive to class 10 minutes early and don’t forget your mat, towel, and plenty of water!

Hot Pilates Fusion

This is a full body fusion class! A proven workout that will reshape and firm your glutes, legs, arms and abs with a Yoga, Pilates, and Calisthenics routine. Add in some weights and dance music and you have one fun fusion class! (1 hour)

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